“The person who did my assessment explained everything and the workers who insulated my attic didn’t leave a mess and were really helpful. I’ve already told my neighbors and kids about it.
I said, ‘I had it done and was very impressed and you will be, too! Go for it!’”

~Jeanette Dattilo,
Kansas City, Mo.

“Having an energy assessment was very worthwhile. It – and the financial incentives - gave me the motivation I needed to get my attic insulated and some air leaks sealed. My follow-up assessment showed an 18 percent improvement!”

~ John C.,
Kansas City, Mo.

Save Energy

TIPs to HELP YOU improve the energy efficiency of your BUSINESS

Saving energy in your commercial building will not only improve your bottom line, it will keep your employees and customers more comfortable, and send a clear message that your company cares about saving money and energy. There are many ways to improve the energy efficiency of your business - most require professional help, but others just require you to make small changes in your habits and your systems.


Below, we’ve listed ways to save energy and money at your business. Enlist the help of a professional energy assessment specialist to find out the best way to get started.


improvement tools


Replace T-12 fluorescent lamps with efficient T-8 or T-5 lamps
Install occupancy sensors
Regularly inspect doors and windows for air leaks
Adjust thermostat temperatures
Install power-management software
Train operations and maintenance staff to conserve energy
Adjust heating-duct dampers to avoid wasting heat
Encourage employees to turn off equipment
Calibrate your thermostats to ensure they are accurately measuring temperature


Start Now - Maximize your savings!

An energy expert can help you find your business's problem areas and you will see how your building works as a system when you schedule an energy analysis.

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