Calculate Your Energy Savings AT HOME

Now that you’ve learned about energy efficiency in your business, what about taking a look at your house? Find out how much you can save.

Find an Approved Contractor

Many companies in the Kansas City area are qualified to perform energy assessments (energy audits). Some members also practice specific trades. Contact any of these professionals to start improving comfort and energy-efficiency and your energy costs.


Schedule an energy aSSESSMENT

Energy assessments, sometimes referred to as energy audits or energy checkups, are the best way to determine exactly how energy is used in your business. As part of the assessment, your energy expert will show you where your business is losing energy, determine the efficiency of the structure’s heating and cooling system, and more. The expert will use blower-door tests, infrared cameras, and other equipment to conduct the assessment in order to identify issues in hard-to-detect areas. Then he or she will map out a strategy for improving energy efficiency in your building.


Before the energy expert visits your business to conduct the assessment, make a list of the energy concerns you currently have, such as drafty rooms or condensation issues. Also have copies of your utility bills handy. The expert will use them to determine what to look for during the assessment.


What to Expect

Upon arrival, your energy expert will examine the outside of your building, calculating its size and outlining its features. He or she will ask about the types of activities and behaviors happening in the structure.


Sample questions might include:


Answering the analyst’s questions will reveal ways you can save energy and save money.



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