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If you want to hire trained auditors, weatherization or other energy-efficiency- related workers, contact Victoria Ogier at MARC to learn about training programs ready to place skilled individuals.

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Many American homes and buildings were constructed prior to modern energy-efficiency construction advances and need to be upgraded with systems to save money and save energy. Trained energy analysts and certified contractors can help increase comfort and performance in these structures.


If you’re a building professional who is interested in becoming a certified energy analyst or energy-accredited contractor, there are professionals in the area who can help you reach that goal.


Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) is the nation’s premier standards development and credentialing organization for residential energy-efficiency retrofit work. In the Kansas City area, the three organizations listed below are BPI-certified to train and test energy-efficiency experts.

The Metropolitan Energy Center

Serving the Energy-Efficiency Market

The Metropolitan Energy Center (MEC) is dedicated to developing the market for energy-efficiency investments in Kansas and Missouri. MEC is your go-to resource for information on available energy-efficiency training and certification as well as programs, supporting tools, and paperwork to make your job easier.

MEC’s Training Center offers energy analyst training. MEC’s training meets or exceeds the requirements and expectations of the Building Performance Institute (BPI) for building analysts and the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) for home energy analysts. Attendees are required to attend the entire five-day training. For more information, contact MEC.

The Green Collar Institute

the Energy and Environmental Training Center of Kansas City

The Green Collar Institute (GCI) educates individuals with the professional and working knowledge of building science, the whole-house approach and the “do-it-right-the-first-time" attitude needed to promote sustainability and encourage energy independence through conservation and cleaner energy.


GCI offers free classes to past students and hosts free monthly meet-up groups for home-energy analysts, home contractors, home realtors and other like-minded individuals. They also encourage networking to help promote this growing market and raise industry standards.


The training is designed for current or soon-to-be contractors, energy analysts, weatherization workers, or anyone interested in taking a "hands-on" approach to dealing with our ever-growing energy use. Some training is presented in affiliation with private companies, nonprofit organizations, or city, state, and federal government programs.



The Accurate Rater Network (ARN) is a professional community of residential energy analysts and raters desiring to perfect their performance through learning and exchanging knowledge. ARN is operated by seasoned experts with practical knowledge and extensive technical depth.

Members have access to a variety of classes, both online and on location. ARN offers classes in subjects ranging from initial certification through continuing education and professional development.


For other energy-efficiency training opportunities, click here.





To find more resources for Energy Analysis, visit this Department of Energy resource page.


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