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Adjust Duct Dampers to Avoid Wasting heat

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If some parts of your building are too hot or too cold when other parts of the building are not, then you could be wasting energy due to poor damper adjustment.


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Your building heating system has main ductwork trunks that extend from the furnace. Off the main ductwork trunk, individual ducts run to different parts or floors of the building. These individual ducts have zone control dampers in them to control the amount of air that flows out of each register. If the volume dampers are not adjusted properly, some rooms in your building could be too hot or too cold, wasting energy in some places and using it inefficiently in others.
Alternatively, if you have no dampers installed at all, installing them can help reduce your overall heating and cooling use by only heating or cooling actively occupied areas. It will also provide the ancillary benefit of allowing occupants to control the temperature of their rooms or floors.



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Cleaning outside-air dampers on rooftop units can also be a source of potential energy savings. These dampers must endure a continual flow of dirty air that fouls the pivot points and actuator mechanism. If operating properly, the dampers will prevent the compressor from running when outside air temperature is below about 60 degrees. Unless they are kept clean and well-lubricated, however, they can stick in place and rob the unit of free cooling potential (if closed) or overload the cooling coil with too much hot outside air (if open).





Energy Impact Illinois - Adjust Duct Dampers to Avoid Wasting Heat

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