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Many companies in the Greater Kansas City area have met the minimum requirements to perform HOME PERFORMANCE with ENERGY STAR assessments (energy audits).


Additionally, some members practice specific trades. Contact any of these professionals to start improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency and begin cutting your energy costs.

Check the Insulation in your attic

Tips to improve your home and lower your energy bill


  • Potentially save hundreds of dollars each year on your heating and cooling bills
  • Your furnace and air conditioner will last longer
  • Your home will be more temperate; no more hot and cold spots


What you need

You’ll need the following materials:

  • Flashlight and ladder (depending on your attic access)
  • Long-sleeved shirt with collar and cuffs buttoned, long pants, gloves, hat, glasses
  • Disposable dust respirator


what to do

To perform the check yourself, look across the span of your attic. Wear proper attire to protect your skin and lungs against contact and irritation from insulation. If you see that your insulation is just level with or below your floor joists, you should add more insulation. If you cannot see any of the floor joists because the insulation is well above them, you probably have enough and adding more may not be cost-effective. It is also important to check that the insulation is evenly distributed with no low spots, because sometimes there is enough insulation in the middle of the attic and very little along the sides.


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Proper insulation is a key component of an energy efficient home. Older homes are very often under-insulated, however, even many new homes can benefit from improved insulation. The best approach is to hire an energy assessor who will be able to examine your current insulation and suggest whether you should invest in this project. Sometimes heating and cooling problems are the result of drafty doors and windows, or leaks in your air ducts. As a trained professional, the assessor will explain the most cost effective type of insulation and which locations need it, or whether you would benefit the most from the less costly project of sealing air leaks around your home. Also a well-insulated attic should be adequately ventilated to prevent moisture accumulation.


Warning: if you think you have vermiculite insulation in your attic, there’s a chance it could contain asbestos. Don’t disturb it. Only insulation contractors certified to handle and remove asbestos should deal with vermiculite insulation.




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