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How much could your home benefit from energy efficiency investments? Calculate your energy savings to find out.

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Many companies in the Greater Kansas City area have met the minimum requirements to perform HOME PERFORMANCE with ENERGY STAR assessments (energy audits).


Additionally, some members practice specific trades. Contact any of these professionals to start improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your business, and begin cutting your energy costs.

Encourage employees to turn off equipment

Tips to improve your home and lower your energy bill

There is no reason to spend money keeping computers, devices, equipment or small appliances running when no one is using them.


What you need to do


Employees can play a proactive role in saving energy by turning off all the devices in their work area before leaving for the day. Basic energy-efficiency education (and informational posters) can go a long way toward behavior change. Similarly, stickers next to light switches or coffee pots can remind employees to turn off devices when not in use.





Energy Impact Illinois - Encourage Employees to Turn Off Equipment

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Take a step back from individual actions to see how your business works as a system with a Business Energy Assessment.

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