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Many companies in the Greater Kansas City area have met the minimum requirements to perform HOME PERFORMANCE with ENERGY STAR assessments (energy audits).


Additionally, some members practice specific trades. Contact any of these professionals to start improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency and begin cutting your energy costs.


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If you have central heating or cooling in your home, then using a programmable thermostat is a low cost first step to reducing your utility bills. A programmable thermostat automatically raises or lowers the temperature of your home at sets times of day, turning down the heat while you are at work, for example. It can save you 5-20% on your heating and cooling bills while giving you a more comfortable home.


What you need

A programmable thermostat


what to do

A programmable thermostat can be purchased at most hardware stores and installed yourself in under an hour if you are comfortable with connecting a few wires. Follow the manufacturer’s directions from your purchased programmable thermostat. If you prefer, you can have a certified professional complete the installation.


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Spending a few minutes learning how to set the programming may save you hundreds of dollars! Many thermostats will allow you to set temperature changes for while you are away at work and while you sleep.  Most models allow for different settings during weekends, and some may allow for different settings all seven days of the week. Dropping the temperature by seven or eight degrees in winter and raising it by seven or eight degrees in the summer will maximize your savings. If you aren’t sure how to program your thermostat, you can often find instructions online if you search the internet for the brand and model. The video below provides additional tips and suggestions on how to set your programmable thermostat.




Energy Impact Illinois - Install (or Use) a Programmable Thermostat

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