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How much could your home benefit from energy efficiency investments? Calculate your energy savings to find out.

Find an Approved Contractor


Many companies in the Greater Kansas City area have met the minimum requirements to perform HOME PERFORMANCE with ENERGY STAR assessments (energy audits).


Additionally, some members practice specific trades. Contact any of these professionals to start improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your business, and begin cutting your energy costs.

Train Operations & maintenance staff

Tips to improve your home and lower your energy bill

Operations and maintenance staff can play an important role to identify potential energy savings as part of their daily work.



What you need to do

Properly trained operations and maintenance staff can help save energy in your building by turning off any equipment that can safely be turned off, reducing heating and cooling during non-business hours, and proactively identifying energy use problems or potential solutions.



Learn More

Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) hosts training for operations and maintenance staff through the Building Operator Certification program.




Energy Impact Illinois - Train Operations & Maintenance Staff


Start Now- Maximize your savings!

Take a step back from individual actions to see how your business works as a system with a Business Energy Assessment.

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