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Many companies in the Greater Kansas City area have met the minimum requirements to perform HOME PERFORMANCE with ENERGY STAR assessments (energy audits).


Additionally, some members practice specific trades. Contact any of these professionals to start improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency and begin cutting your energy costs.

Upgrade your old refrigerator

Tips to improve your home and lower your energy bill

Older refrigerators (pre-1993) can cost well over $150 a year to run. Those models use up to twice the energy per cubic foot, compared to modern, more efficient refrigerators. New models are quieter due to more insulation and better compressors, and food stays fresh longer with advanced temperature controls and special compartments for perishables. Replacing your old refrigerator with a high-efficiency Energy Star™ model can save over $45 a year.



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Look for an Energy Star™ certified refrigerator at your local appliance store. To save the most energy, choose smallest size that will comfortably fit your family’s food storage needs.



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Make sure to recycle your old refrigerator. Your local solid waste organization, garbage company or municipal government may take used appliances for a small charge or offer free curb side pickup on certain days.




Energy Impact Illinois - Upgrade Your Old Refrigerator

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Take a step back from individual actions to see how your home works as a system with a Home Energy Assessment.

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