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wrap your water heater in a blanket

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A tank-style water heater heats up the water in the tank to a set temperature and keeps it hot until you’re ready to use it. Older water heaters usually have poor insulation, and therefore they have to burn more fuel to keep the water hot. Generally, if your tank is warm to the touch, it could use some insulation. Wrapping your existing tank using an insulating blanket to hold the heat is a cost effective way to make your water heater more efficient. 



What you need


Water heater blanket or roll-out insulation
Strong tape



what to do


Measure the circumference and height of your water heater. Purchase a water heater blanket (available at hardware stores) to fit your heater’s dimensions. Or use roll-out insulation you have on hand, instead of buying a blanket. Wrap the insulation around the water heater, being sure to cut space so the thermostat and air intake are uncovered. Use a strong tape to keep the insulation secured around the water heater.



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If you have a dishwasher, be aware that all modern units have their own internal water heaters, that are more efficient than your home’s water heater.




Energy Impact Illinois - Wrap Your Water Heater in a Blanket

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